The platform that understands the language of healthcare.

WHOA! uses Artificial Intelligence and the input of its users to constantly evolve.

Thanks to its understanding of language, it can translate content, explain it in simpler ways, encode it into international standards like SNOMED CT, and more…

And all accessible from the cloud through its APIs.


The Problem
Healthcare professionals use a complex and ambiguous vocabulary, full of acronyms and abbreviations.
Healthcare information systems use a rigid vocabulary, based on standards and/or customized vocabularies.
Patients use a simpler, more descriptive, and colloquial vocabulary.

These vocabulary differences, which have existed for decades and will continue to exist, negatively affect the quality of patient care and generate significant costs for various healthcare organizations’ systems.

Our proposal

Our proposal

As users make use of WHOA!‘s functions, the platform will learn the vocabulary they use.
WHOA! allows its users to configure their favorite synonyms, giving them the freedom to express themselves as they wish, without rigidity.

By understanding language, WHOA! offers functions such as translating into other languages without losing meaning, explaining highly technical concepts in a simple way, encoding concepts into international standards, etc…

Using WHOA! does not require customers to modify the processes their information systems perform, making the implementation of WHOA! simple, quick, and highly beneficial for users. It is accessed through APIs, which are clearly documented. Additionally, WHOA! provides a testing environment (sandbox) to test the various functions available on the platform.


Founder | CTO

Iván Kuschevatzky

Mg(c) Systems Engineer, interoperability expert in national and international projects, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Member of HL7 Argentina.


Founder  | CFO

Juan Martin Cabo de Vila

Accountant, Finance and Human Resources Expert, with over 15 years of international experience in Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry companies.


Founder | CEO

Marcelo D. Carrascal

Mg(c) Systems Engineer, Terminologist. Member of SNOMED CT International and the Argentine academic/scientific community. Former CIO of Hospital Castro Rendón with over 25 years of experience.

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